Lost Dogs of Cozumel

In 2009, after a wonderful Christmas morning, my children settled down to watch a movie, and I stepped out for about an hour. When I returned, my kids had all fallen asleep (with smiles on their faces). As I was greeting my pack of dogs, I noticed right away that my yorkie puppy, a female names Yoshi was missing. I ran around the house, and yard looking but she wasn't there. I woke the kids and we all started looking, even in the streets, but she was gone.

As you can imagine, this changed all our Christmas evening plans. For the next ten days, I walked around town from 6 AM till it was too hot to walk any more. I would head out in the evenings putting posters in high traffic areas. I made hundreds of posters (four to a page-quarter size works great), ran radio and TV ads, and continued to search. In my search, I met so many people like the street cleaners, who sweep the streets of Cozumel every morning. I met the team of newspaper delivery boys hoping that the reward offered would entice them to stay on the look out while they biked around town. I handed flyers to runners, without stopping them, just handing them the posters and asking them to help me find my dog. I met groups of taxistas, soccer players, bikers, and anyone I happened upon. In my quest, I met so many people who had lost their dogs. Many of them had them stolen right out of their yards. And the curious thing, was that so many of those dogs 'went missing' on Christmas day, or Mother's Day. This seemed very suspicious to me.

My daughter and I decided to make a police report the day after Yoshi went missing. Even though our dogs run free in our yard, to get out, they would have to go through two gates, indicating to us, that someone had come in and taken her. The other dogs in my pack would bark and bark but would not get close to a stranger. A young puppy would-all it takes is a treat or a sweet voice. We began to see that Yoshi was only one of many who went missing on Christmas.

I visited all the vets that I knew of in the area. I went to the dog pound, and to the Humane Society Clinic. They all showed me stacks of posters that they had filed. Each vet had its own list. Only a few dogs were on all the lists. It is customary not to post lost dogs at vet in case they were stolen. Vets want to get the animal taken care of, and then report the lost dog. If someone who had a found or bought a stolen or found dog, they won't take him into a vet where there is a poster of that dog.
They don't want to lose the customer and dog. So, vets hide their posters. I looked at their lists and many dogs had been missing for ao long time.

One day, I got a call that someone had found my dog. As soon as I saw her, I knew it was not my dog. This was an old yorkie-vet said about 10-11 years old. From the amount of gun stuck to her coast, and the ribs showing through her back, it was obvious that this dog had b een on the streets of Cozumel for a logn time. She was so dirty, almost scary, so it was understandable why no one had picked her up. After careful examination, we found that she had only 3 front teeth, and poor eyesite. She had a large cut and bruise that we had taken care of right away. I took her home, knowing that she would live out the rest of her life with us. A friend of my daughters came over a few days later and told us about another lost dog. This dog had been a tourist's dog. The owner had rented a cottage for three months, and at the end of her stay, her dog got lost. She looked and looked but had to leave town, leaving her dog behind. It must have been awful to leave an island, knowing that a defenseless, old dog that you loved was walking around the streets of Cozumel. Apparently, she posted posters and informed the vets but those posters blew off and were thrown away. The vets and their staff had the posters, but were not out looking for this dog. I called them all to see if they knew of a old lost yorkie but they hadn't. I looked at Chimuela (toothless)and wondered, is this the dog the lady lost?

Finally, I got the call I had been hoping for. My dog was found and was back in my arms, ten days after she went missing. Whoever had her, had disguised her, cutting her hair to look like a schnauser and they had her neutered. Her stiched were awful and infected but other than that, she was fine and sooooo happy to be back home with us! Chimuela is now thriving, running, and playing with my other dogs. She is healthy and looks happy in her new home.

In my frustration, it was clear that there was not just one place to report a missing dog. We need a main center of lost dogs so this is what this websitepage is going to be.
The Humane Society will be working with me to help find all the lost dogs. We'll compare all the dogs we find to the ones on this site continuously. If you want to be on the lookout while you visit Cozumel, look for these darling lost dogs. Our list will not be forgotten. We will help bring home the lost dogs of Cozumel.
Email us if you have a lost dog photo to post.
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